11. (1) The development s subject to environmental impact screening include: 

(a) development s described in sub section 13 (7); 

(b) development s in the Yukon North Slope region described in section 12;  

(c) development s in the Inuvialuit Settlement Region in respect of which the Inuvialuit request environmental impact screening; and 

(d) subject to any agreement between the Inuvialuit and the Dene/Metis, development s in areas including the Aklavik land selections where the traditional harvest of the Dene/Metis may be adversely affected, on request by the Dene/Metis or by the Inuvialuit .

11. (2) No environmental impact screening or environmental impact review is required to be conducted in relation to a proposed development that:

(a) is to be carried out in response to a national emergency for which special temporary measures are being taken under the Emergencies Act;

(b) is to be carried out in response to an emergency such that carrying it out forthwith is in the interest of preventing damage to property or the environment or in the inteerest of public welfare, health or safety; or

(c) is exempt by way of an Exclusion LIst to be established by the Screening Committee , of classes or types of development which would not have a significant negative impact on air, water, land or renewable resources.

11. (3) Each development subject to screening shall be dealt with in accordance with the procedures, principles, criteria and provisions applicable under this Agreement.  Except for screening and review for the purposes of wildlife compensation , the process described in this section applies only to onshore development .  There shall be a similar process in the Yukon Territory in the area south of the watershed and north of the Porcupine and Bell Rivers, in which native and Government representation shall be equal.

11. (4) The Governor in Council shall designate from time to time which Minister shall, by letter of appointment, make appointments on behalf of Canada for the purposes of section 11 .